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The challenges faced by today’s truck fleets center on saving money, maximizing fleet productivity and insuring complete reliability and driver satisfaction.  Dual Flex+ was designed specifically to meet these needs.  The Dual Flex+ system inexpensively retrofits existing heavy duty trucks to run on up to 60% natural gas, without the loss of original diesel performance. 

D2G has developed the premier dual fuel retrofit system for heavy duty on-road vehicles.  Fleet owners who have chosen the Dual Flex+ system have shown fuel savings of 60% and more without sacrificing diesel performance.  Our Fleet partners are on the road today, hauling loads and making money, and find comfort in the knowledge that Dual Flex+ will default automatically to 100% diesel it the absence of gas, insuring reliability of transit at all times. 

D2G has configured this proven, low gas pressure, intake air fumigation technology to run on electronic controlled Class 7 and Class 8 truck engines. The outstanding performance record of the D2G system, in terms of both cost savings and engine efficiency & power, positions D2G as a leader in providing a proven Dual Fuel solution for today’s truck fleets.

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Dual Flex+ Kit

  • Diesel Fuel Controller.

  • Air-Gas Mixer

  • Electronic Controller

  • Wiring Harnesses

  • Optional CNG Level Display

  • System Status Indicator


  • Reduced operating costs.

  • Fuel flexibility: vehicle can operate 100% diesel if required.

  • Does not require modification of the engine.

  • Lower cost vs. spark-ignited gas engines.

  • Compatible with compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied
    natural gas (LNG) fuel storage systems.

  • All high pressure gas components UL listed and/or CSA approved.

  • Gas supplied to engine at atmospheric pressure reducing possibility 
    of over fueling.

  • Gas concentration in engine combustion air is less than 3% by volume.

  • Mixture is non-explosive/non-flammable until compressed in the combustion 

  • CNG/LNG on-board systems have excellent safety history.

  • Cost Savings based on cost differential between CNG/LNG and diesel. Large 
    cost differentials result in rapid ROI.

  • High fuel consumptions applications result in larger savings.

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