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Operators of diesel engine vehicles substantially reduce operational cost and lower emissions by substituting diesel fuel with lower cost, cleaner burning natural gas, when using the Dual Flex+ System. Dual Flex+ is comprised of proprietary technologies that allow diesel engines to safely operate on gas percentages ranging from 50% to 70% of the total fuel requirement. Engines converted to Dual Flex+, exhibit diesel-like performance in such critical areas as power, response, and efficiency. A key feature of the Dual Flex+ system is its ability to switch fuel modes without interruption in vehicle operation. Conversion to the D2G operation does not require modification of the engine and can typically be completed in a matter of hours. The D2G system is compatible with both compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid natural gas (LNG) fuel storage systems.

D2G has configured this proven, low gas pressure, intake air fumigation technology to run on modern electronic controlled Class 7 and Class 8 truck engines. The outstanding performance record of the D2G system, positions the company as a leader in providing a solution for the gasification of existing truck fleets.

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D2G converts existing diesel vehicles to natural gas.

D2G offers a solution for U.S. on-road heavy duty vehicles to convert most of their fuel consumption to natural gas without exchange or re-manufacturing their existing diesel engines.

D2G is not intrusive to the diesel engine design.

The D2G system does not tamper with any component of the diesel engine or its electronic engine controls.

D2G maintains diesel engine performance.

Vehicles converted to the D2G system maintain or enhance operational performance, efficiency and lifespan.

D2G significantly improves the environment.

The D2G system uses gas that has nearly 30% smaller total carbon lifecycle footprint.

D2G improves America's energy independence.

The natural gas used in D2G's system is abundantly produced in America.

D2G produces significant cost savings.

The lower cost of natural gas allows the D2G system to lower net fuel cost by 25%-40%.

Installation Qualification Requirements

  • Customer Conversion Qualification: D2G reserves the right to sell to customers, only after D2G has confirmed the compatibility of the D2G system with the subject engine.

  • Engine Qualification: customers must provide D2G with the make, model and year of the engine to be converted. D2G will review the proposed engine and confirm its compatibility with EPA certified engine families prior to accepting a purchase order.

  • D2G’s Technician Certification Program and Installer Qualifications: D2G provides training and manuals to certify authorized installation technicians. The D2G Certified Technicians are the only technicians authorized to install the D2G system. Customers may apply to have their own, in house diesel technicians or contracted maintenance technicians trained and certified by D2G. Customers can also contract third party providers, who are previously certified by D2G to be authorized installers of the D2G systems.

Dual Flex+: About Us


Dual Flex+ Kit

  • Diesel Fuel Controller.

  • Air-Gas Mixer

  • Electronic Controller

  • Wiring Harnesses

  • Optional CNG Level Display

  • System Status Indicator


  • Reduced operating costs.

  • Fuel flexibility: vehicle can operate 100% diesel if required.

  • Does not require modification of the engine.

  • Lower cost vs. spark-ignited gas engines.

  • Compatible with compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied
    natural gas (LNG) fuel storage systems.

  • All high pressure gas components UL listed and/or CSA approved.

  • Gas supplied to engine at atmospheric pressure reducing possibility 
    of over fueling.

  • Gas concentration in engine combustion air is less than 3% by volume.

  • Mixture is non-explosive/non-flammable until compressed in the combustion 

  • CNG/LNG on-board systems have excellent safety history.

  • Cost Savings based on cost differential between CNG/LNG and diesel. Large 
    cost differentials result in rapid ROI.

  • High fuel consumptions applications result in larger savings.

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